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We are a dedicated team of SharePoint experts working at Valo, a forerunner in intranet and digital workplace solutions based on Microsoft technology. All our products are made with #Valolove.

Our story

The story of award-winning Valo Intranet began in 2011. Starting with a vision of creating a better digital workplace, we built an intranet solution that allows people to focus on the things that matter. Today we are a pioneering Intranet product provider with a global partner network of influential SharePoint and Office 365 professionals.

Our product family is built on SharePoint and made of three products: Valo Intranet, Valo Teamwork and Valo Idea Management, and they’re deployed around the world by our Valo Partners. Our digital workplace solutions have been awarded with the coveted Microsoft “Partner of the Year” honor, “Most Value-For-Money” award and “Best Intranet/Extranet” recognition two years in a row.

The company behind Valo, Blue Meteorite, was founded in 2001. From the get-go the focus was on Microsoft technology, like SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. We employ over 100 professionals around the world. Our North American operations are run by our subsidiary Valo Solutions. Blue Meteorite is owned by Fujitsu and, interestingly enough, by us, the employees.

The word “valo” means “light” in Finnish language and that’s what we want to bring to workplaces everywhere. By getting rid of time-consuming and expensive intranet projects, you let the sunshine in. Say goodbye to the old-fashioned way of work and start collaborating on your new digital workplace!








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We have offices in
Europe and North America

If you happen to be somewhere nearby in Finland or Canada, come visit us at our office. We also have some excellent people working in Norway, Sweden, Belgium and Germany.

Valo Intranet - Helsinki


Verkkosaarenkatu 5, 00580 Helsinki, Finland

Valo Intranet - Jyväskylä


Lutakonaukio 7, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland

Valo Intranet - Montreal Office


1751 Richardson suite 7.101, Montréal, Québec, H3K 1G6

Meet the team

We’re a bunch of tech and marketing geeks who share this idea of a better world, where working and communicating with each other is quick, easy and fun.

Business EMEA & APAC

Jari Pullinen

Vice President

Besides Valo, Jari loves cooking delicious food in a digital world! Outside of the office, you can find Jari at the market hall or in the kitchen.

Knut Relbe-Moe

Product Evangelist & Partner Manager

Office 365 MVP, MCT, speaker,.. you name it. Always diving deeper into the SharePoint world with his never-ending smile! Psst. The best treasure is Valo Intranet.

Henrik Blåfield

Senior Consultant

Henrik is a jack-of-all trades working with all aspects of Office 365 and SharePoint, as well as Valo-teams supporting information systems. Aspiring long-distance runner during his free time.

Saraliina Laima

Marketing Coordinator

When not blogging and promoting Valo, you can find Saraliina jogging or working out at the gym.

Jenni Mattinen

Marketing Communications Specialist

Jenni has found her passion for writing where she can combine her customer-centric mindset and creativity. In her free time, she love-hates Crossfit, jogging and traveling.

Business North America

Juha Koivula

Business Director, North America

Truly a SharePoint Evangelist who has two children, named Valo App and Valo Docs. Juha enjoys playing tennis and speaking Spanish! A mind-blowing language machine.

Tiina Manninen

Chief Marketing Officer

Always shown as online, sometimes IRL. Usually lost with million open browser tabs but when she’s not, she loves to travel and jump into new adventures! Cheers and lots of #ValoLove!

Sébastien Levert

Product Evangelist & Partner Manager

Office Development MVP and speaker, Seb is always geeking around SharePoint and even though he always talks (always…), he still enjoys coding at night. Be careful, he’s a heavy coffee drinker.

Vlad Catrinescu

Sales Executive & Product Evangelist

SharePoint MVP that loves traveling around the globe and sharing his SharePoint & Office 365 knowledge. When not working, you can find Vlad trying out the latest gadgets or planning his next Scuba Diving adventure.

Eddy Gil

Marketing Assistant

Professional marketer since the age of 19, he feels as though it has become a part of him. When he’s not thinking about marketing and business you can often find him geeking out over all things art and media, so if you’re in a hurry… don’t get him started!

Partner Support

Sari Siekkinen

Partner Support Manager

Sari works side-by-side with our Partners helping them to grow. In her free time, she enjoys mindfulness meditation and spending time with her dog.

Noora Hakkarainen

Product Specialist

Noora is a SharePoint professional with a customer on the mind. When not sunk in SharePoint, you will find Noora either cooking, traveling, or getting to know the next season’s fashion trends. Red lipstick alert!

Antti Koskela

Solutions Architect & Partner Support, North America

A bean counter gone software developer gone consultant, Antti is a man of many hats. When not programming.. No, wait, nevermind – as far as anyone knows, he’s always programming.

Maral Adam

Product Specialist, North America

Driven by her desire to help others, Maral is always eager to help our Partners with SharePoint. Her favorite things to do while relaxing are reading, hiking and going outdoors with her dog.

Development Team

Jarmo Kuusinen

Product Program Manager

As the conductor Jarmo orchestrates the development of Valo product and Partner activities making sure the Valo sounds are sweet! At freetime this motorbike mad enjoys riding small roads (and off-roads!) all around Europe.

Tomi Tavela

Software Architect, Tech Lead

Tomi can usually be found in GitHub, TFS, reading TechCrunch or hacking new clever solutions. More pizza and beer, please!

Elio Struyf

Senior Software Developer

Elio is an Office Server and Services MVP who loves to code, write articles on his blog, speak at various events and play Final Fantasy games to escape reality.

Minna Teerimäki

Software Designer

She really loves knitting, adores her kittens, gushes over her bicycle and lives for coding. Hello Valo world!

Juha Alhojoki

Software Architect

Working with great friends and talent in Valo dev team is the best thing. Family, cycling and playing guitar are also best things. Juha feels lucky to have so many best things in his life!

Jouni Poikolainen

Senior Software Developer

When not enjoying the relaxing sound of clicking keys, Jouni enjoys catching fish. Fly fishing, ice fishing, mobile fishing – you name it.

Piotr Siatka

Software Developer

Piotr really enjoys pure coding. After work, he tries to balance a healthy style of life, from running to beering.

Olli Pelkkikangas

Senior Web Designer

When Olli is not busy designing new hot interfaces, Olli is spending time with his dogs. Also a passionate gamer, pew pew!

Pasi Hulkko

Mobile Developer

Pasi is an experienced mobile developer who can be found crushing at the local climbing gym’s walls after office hours.

Maiju Onnela

Senior Product Specialist

Maiju, who’s always smiling, took the step from the consultant position into the product development world and hasn’t looked back.

Experts behind the scenes

SharePoint and Office 365 specialists

As a subsidiary of Blue Meteorite, we have close to a hundred SharePoint and MS Office 365 specialists in our enterprise network, sharing their insights and experience so that Valo Intranet is even better tomorrow.

Join our team

Interested in creating cutting-edge digital workplace solutions that people simply love? Write us a line or two and send it to hello@valointranet.com

Come say hi to us

We are always on the road! We sponsor a range of events around the world, from workshops to conferences. Come meet us and feel the #Valolove.

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If you have any questions or comments regarding our product, partnership or team, just send us a line to hello@valointranet.com

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Valo offers a good technological foundation, excellent partner model & contacts and customer satisfaction!

Thomas Vochten
SharePoint Technology Consultant, Xylos, Valo Premium Partner in Belgium

One of the reasons we’ve seen so much success with Valo in the UK is the hands-on, agile approach of the Valo team. This makes a huge impact on our partnership, trust and customer success!

Louise Billingham
Partner Alliance Manager, Pythagoras, Valo Premium Partner in the UK

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