Valo Contributor Hero of the Year 2018: Erwin Verlinden!

It’s like having an additional Valo Team member -so much Valo gets from this man – Valo Contributor Hero of the Year 2018 – Erwin Verlinden!

Erwin, from Advantive, the Netherlands, is really active towards Valo Team and tweeting and sharing #ValoLove actively. Besides showing lots of Valo love, here’s some of the justification from Valo team why Erwin is the Valo Contributor Hero of the Year 2018:

  • creative with new ideas and feedback
  •  eager to improve Valo
  • handles it all from pre-sales to consulting, delivery and customer support
  • he’s the top dog to report bugs and even to resolve them!

Valo Contributor Hero of the Year - Erwin Verlinden

I am very happy to receive this award. Valo Intranet is a wonderful social intranet solution. It is very pleasant to work with the Valo Team. It’s great how the team deals with the feedback from me and from the rest of the Advantive team. As a partner, we have daily contact and we are actively involved in the further developments of Valo Intranet. That makes our cooperation a real partnership.

Erwin Verlinden, Advantive

See Erwin’s thoughts after winning.

Valo Team congratulates Erwin and is grateful having so committed partners in the #ValoFamily!

This year there are two Contributor heroes, Jeff Collins and Erwin Verlinden. Last year Valo Contributor was awarded to Matt Fishman from Klarinet Solutions.



The Valo Partner Awards recognizes the contributions and success of our partners and shine the light on partnerships, who have shown special dedication to working with us. This individual award honors the key contributors of Valo. It is given to a person who has put one’s heart, mind, and soul into Valo bringing the best out of Valo Intranet by helping the Valo Team in any way possible. The winner has achieved significant impact for Valo through innovations, above-and-beyond attitude, and generous contributions. 

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