Valo Contributor Hero of the Year 2019: Ruud Brok

Valo Contributor Hero EU 2019 Winner, Ruud Brok, actively contributes to Valo’s Partner channels and regularly supports our Valo Community.

Ruud, from Portiva, the Netherlands, not only has great ideas, he actively comments and makes suggestions openly in our Partner forum on Yammer. Besides that, he also gives a helping hand to other Valo Partners and overall shows great kindness to the Valo Community!

Ruud has a deep understanding of Valo’s value proposition and, as he’s not ‘too-techy’, is able to work in a sales and consulting role, as well as a support role if needed. When contacted for his support, he’s always very constructive, helpful and provides very valuable feedback. He also works closely with other partners in Yammer to give them additional support.


Valo Contributor Hero EU 2019 Winner: Ruud Brok

Valo Contributor Hero EU 2019 Winner: Ruud Brok

On top of that, he’s extremely friendly – even when he’s reporting critical bugs, he has a very solution-oriented and constructive approach. That makes him not only nice to work with, but also a very productive individual from Valo’s point of view.

What did Ruud think about the winning? Take a look!

A well-rounded ValoLover for sure! Congratulations Ruud!

Now in its third year, Valo Partner Awards recognize the contributions and success of our partners who have shown special dedication to working with us.  Valo Partner Awards, which shine a light on our partnerships, are awarded in five categories including Valo Partner of the Year, Customization of the Year, Valo Marketing Master of the Year, Customer Success Story of the Year, Contributor Hero of the Year. All awards, except for the Contributor Hero, are distributed based on Partner’s submissions.



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