Let’s face it – most employees hate their current intranets

People find it hard to find anything from their corporate information graveyards, content is out-dated, search isn’t working, user experience is horrible, and the intranet can’t be used with a mobile phone.

Sounds familiar?

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that.


Valo Intranet is a front door to your digital workplace

Valo is more than just a tool – it helps building a social company culture and supports your employees in their daily work. It makes the users happy with a well-designed user experience and works with any device!

And you can start using it immediately,
not after a 6 month expensive project.

It’s the center of all communication and collaboration in your organization

Valo Intranet brings all together: company news, events, alerts, and information about your products, services and processes – it’s all there.


Collaborate and navigate easily

Find the right person with people finder and communicate easily on social feeds – without tons of emails. Easily navigate to the workspaces and documents relevant to you. And even better, you can easily collaborate with external users too!

Enhance your message with blogs and videos

If you really want to get your voice heard, use the new formats such as pinned news, blogs and videos to enhance your message. Valo Intranet delivers them to the end users.

Help your employees to reach their full potential

In the end, business is all about people. Valo Intranet truly goes wherever your employees go, whenever they go. Get ready for your mobile, social and productive workplace!


Intranet-in-a-box built on SharePoint is a new trend

SharePoint is probably the most popular intranet platform in the world, but the great paradox is that there is actually no such thing as an “intranet” in SharePoint. Instead, SharePoint offers huge amount of building blocks from which the intranet can be built. And if some features are missing, you can always customize SharePoint to fulfill your needs.

With an intranet-in-a-box solution, like Valo Intranet, you get all those missing intranet features, usability improvements, and best practices immediately to your end users. Valo Intranet is based on SharePoint, but it doesn’t look like SharePoint at all. It has a beautiful user experience and the look & feel is fitted to your branding guidelines.

Technically strong – the last intranet you’ll need

Forget about building a new intranet to replace the old one every now and then. Valo Intranet is a flexible solution for the ever-changing world.

Built for Office 365 and SharePoint

With Valo Intranet you can leave behind the heavy migration projects and moving content from a one outdated SharePoint version to another. Valo is 100% Office 365 compatible and supports on-premises SharePoint 2013 and 2016 servers. With Valo Fresh subscription you keep your intranet evolving and always up to date. Peace of mind as a service.

You can’t break it

You can use Valo without the common fear of things getting “broken” with an every new cloud update. Valo is based on Microsoft’s latest SharePoint add-in model recommendations which means all the code is running outside SharePoint. We do not use any custom master pages or SharePoint specific declarative XML. Instead we are using client-side and remote provisioning techniques. Therefore your intranet will be ready to take on all future Office 365 updates!

Ready-made but still your own intranet

Valo Intranet is a ready-to-go solution, so you don’t have to start from the scratch. You can also see it as a starting package for your intranet and workspaces.

Make it your own

After deployment you are free to develop your particular solution in any direction you want – also with other partners – using SharePoint features or customized solutions.

Flexible and fast deployment

The deployment process is flexible: you can create your own schedule and choose the right tools and modules for your employees.


Valo Intranet Mobile

But how? Build your intranet to fit your needs!

Different businesses have different needs. That’s why Valo is based on modular approach: it helps you to build an intranet that fits your company. Building your intranet is just as easy as ordering a sandwich! Follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Imagine the sandwich of your dreams!

Easy process, step by step, only the ingredients you need.

valo-intranet sandwich

Choose the size of your sandwich

Whole sandwich
Intranet and Workspaces

Half sandwich
Intranet or Workspaces

valo intranet fillings

Choose your fillings!

Pick your add-ons:
Social Media Hub
People Finder
Delve Blogs
Admin Toolpack

valo intranet bbq

Do you like it toasted or not?

Your company’s own look and feel

valo intranet drinks

How do you like it delivered?

Cloud (Office 365), on-premises (SharePoint Server) or hybrid

valo intranet take away

How about fresh new sandwiches every two months?

Subscribe to the Valo Fresh subscription


Step 2:

Eat the sandwich!

Okay. Now we will make your dream sandwich a real deal. What kind of help you need in eating it?


1. Setup

Basic setup of Valo Intranet to Office 365 is no big deal but you might need help in it. Setup for on-premises SharePoint is a bit more complicated. Don’t worry, you are in good hands.

2. Branding

No one wants to use an intranet that looks like a SharePoint. Your intranet should look like your company. So it will be branded. Period.

3. Information Architecture

The most important decision you have to make when building a new intranet is how the information is delivered to your employees in a way they want to consume it. Our local partner will help you in defining the navigation structure, page layouts, metadata model, news categories, social channels and all other bells and whistles.

4. Content migration from the old intranet

Of course you have an old intranet with (old) content. Some of it is still useful, so our partners will help you in migrating (the necessary) content to the new intranet.

5. Customizations and integrations

Everything you need isn’t included? Valo Intranet extension model makes it possible to extend Valo to fulfil your needs.

6. Launch planning and training

Don’t forget to tell your employees that you have a brand new intranet!

7. Trainings

Of course your admins and content producers need to know what to do with the new intranet. So trainings they will get!

8. Support and further development

Our local partners will offer you support with your ongoing operations and developing your intranet further.

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