We Are Featured on Microsoft’s Global Case Study

Cloud business as the key driver

A key driver for our transformation was to have the same code base for SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online customers, especially as they were receiving more requests from customers for SharePoint Online. “The main business reason for transforming our Valo intranet solution from Full trust code to the Office 365 Cloud App Model is our business model transformation moving toward a cloud based business”, says Heidi Selkäinaho, Product Manager for Valo Intranet Suite.

Achieving the most challenging functionalities

“We have worked with SharePoint for three major versions and this is the first one we feel comfortable customizing with the Add-ins model”, says Tomi Tavela, our Solution Architect. “This is really the model of developing SharePoint we have been waiting for! Of course you need to think differently what you can and what you can’t do, but I think we have managed that very well and found ways of creating alternative ways of achieving even the most challenging functionalities.”

You can read more about our transformation in the full case study here.


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