How to reach your mobile workforce with Valo Intranet

When you open the start page of Valo Intranet with a desktop browser, you notice right away that its user interface has been designed with the multitude of different end devices in mind. The UI elements are large, they look modern, and there is a fair amount of space between the elements, making the browsing and reading as easy as possible.

But when you open the site with a mobile device, that’s when the fun really starts. Those of us who are familiar with SharePoint know that its pages are not very amigable to use with mobile devices.

Valo Intranet, however, has 100% responsive design in its publishing pages, enabling an excellent user experience with mobile phones and tablets.

What does this mean in practice?

It means that now your Corporate Intranet message can finally reach your field workers.

All they need to do is open the Intranet start page in their mobile phones, set “remember login”, and bookmark the start page (*). Then they can use their coffee breaks or waiting time for getting a brief overview of what’s happening in the company.

When using Valo Intranet with a mobile device, the contents of the start page are displayed in just one or two columns (depending on the resolution of the user’s device), making it very easy for the end-user to get an overview of Corporate news, events, discussions, etc. Characteristic to a responsive layout, there is no horizontal scroll bar, making it easy to browse through the publishing pages.

In the mobile views, the horizontal top navigation is suppressed into the familiar “hamburger” menu, with large enough navigation elements so your employees can hit them with their fingers. Should they need to check a HR policy, fill in a report form, or find instructions to emergency situations, they can perform these tasks in a breeze with their mobile devices, thanks to Valo Intranet.

Your employees can even open Office documents for reading and basic editing with their mobile devices, thanks to Valo workspace solution and Office Online!

Valo intranet mobile responsive design
Valo intranet has been optimized for mobile devices

But this is just the beginning. Now we are working on a native mobile app for Valo so we can get you even better connected with your mobile workforce – stay tuned!

(*) Applicable as such to Office 365. Some limitations with SharePoint 2013/2016.

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