Jarmo Kuusinen becomes Valo’s Product Program Manager

Jarmo Kuusinen becomes Valo’s new Product Program Manager. Former Product Manager Juha Koivula has been earlier appointed as Valo’s North America Business Lead.

Jarmo Kuusinen is experienced business and technology professional with the background in business development, project management, and product development.

His earlier experience includes among others a leading position in Blue Meteorite’s project business. Jarmo brings loads of experience in running development programs to the Valo team.

After being involved in developing the very first versions of Valo Intranet a few years back, it is super interesting to join the Valo forces again. The recent development of Valo Intranet product has been tremendous, but as the Valo Team is packed with the talent I know that there is potential for even more. I am really happy to get a chance to work with the team and the Valo partners for the benefit of our customers, Jarmo says.

I wholeheartedly welcome Jarmo back to the Valo Team! I can’t imagine a better person to lead Valo’s product development to the next level. We will have a BIG year 2018 ahead of us. I’m super excited and can’t wait to announce what’s cooking in the Valo kitchen!

Jari Pullinen, Vice President

Jarmo will be located at Valo’s Jyväskylä Office.

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