Release 1.7 – Making Valo Intranet even more fun to use

We’re happy to announce the release of Valo Intranet 1.7, “Foo Fighter”. This time, we’ve focused on improving Valo core features in order to make it even more fun and easy to use.

Drag & drop news images makes visualization simple and fast

Now it’s possible to drag & drop a news image into a news page in Valo. Instead of having to delve into SharePoint’s complex picture library views, the news editor can just drag an image from their local computer into a news page. Also, Valo Intranet will take care of resizing (cropping) your image so that it fits on the front page perfectly.

Valo Intranet news image drag drop

News Image drag&drop UI


Use News Carrousel to showcase an important news

Bring your Intranet front page to life with Valo Intranet’s amazing News Carrousel that automatically cycles the latest highlight news.

Valo Intranet News carrousel

News Carrousel

Valo Intranet image carrousel

News Carrousel

Delve Blogs app shows employees’ recent blog posts

The awesome blogging tool available in Delve is probably the best kept secret in Office 365. Last December, we published our Delve Blogs aggregator app in Office 365 Store. Now, it is also available as a web part in Valo Intranet. At last, your valuable insights can be efficiently published across the organization.

Delve Blogs

Delve Blogs

Default Information Architecture saves your time

Many companies have an urgent need for replacing their ancient Intranet and improving their internal communication and collaboration, but they can’t start the project because their own resources are a bottleneck. Nobody has the time required for planning the content structure and document metadata. Meanwhile, Blue Meteorite has implemented hundreds of Intranets for different types of organizations. We are constantly learning from our past projects and maintaining a default information architecture that reflects our vision and best practices. Valo’s default information architecture can be implemented as such, or you can use it as a starting point for creating your unique concept and information architecture. In any case, you will save tons of working hours and can concentrate on the fun part of your intranet renewal.

Other improvements

During this sprint, we have finished a total number of 85 minor improvements and fixes, making Valo Intranet even more enjoyable and fun to use. As always, our Fresh (formerly Software Assurance) subscription customers can enjoy these updates without additional cost.

Coming up next…

Release 1.8 “Alpenglow” will be out early April, and it will include the mobile app, new user interface (Lux UX), and the Administrator’s toolpack. Stay tuned!

Valo Intranet Lux UX

Lux UX

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