Top 4 Challenges of External Access Management

external access management

Collaborating with external partners is nothing new but when it comes to digital transformation, the focus has tended to be on internal rather than external transformation. Organizations can be put off by issues such as external access management but this really need not be the case.

According to a recent survey by McKinsey & Company, high-performing companies are five times more likely to use digital tools to manage external engagement than other companies. So how can organizations share the digital workplace love more successfully with external partners too?

External access management can be a stumbling block to digital collaboration. The process of granting access and inviting external users can be both time consuming and therefore, costly, not to mention the questions about how to make it secure.

That’s why we developed our latest product. Valo Entrance, your doorman to allow VIP access to external users.

Focussing on the four key challenges of external access management, we explain how Valo Entrance really can transform your external digital collaboration.

Challenge 1: Managing access for external partners

Managing external partner access can be a full-time job on its own. Adding each person individually and keeping a record of which content and data they have access to can be incredibly time consuming. This is where Valo Entrance’s Access Units come in.

Valo Entrance’s Access Units connect external users with any combination of specific content and resources via the easy-to-use dashboard.

With Access Units, whether you’re a SharePoint admin, project manager or account manager, you can connect external users with any combination of specific content and resources via the easy-to-use dashboard. No coding required. You can set up as many Access Units as you like, allowing external access management for multiple projects.

External users can be added individually. Or if you’re working with larger groups of people, whole domains can be added in one go. Users can also be removed, or have their access amended, via the Access Units. In addition, our powerful and versatile search functionality means you can find individual users in seconds.

External access management need not be a one-person job either. Agile permissions can be granted to allow others (either internally or externally) to edit specified Access Units. So, for example, if it’s easier for an external partner to specify who in their organization should be given access, you can let them get on with it.

Challenge 2: Keeping your data safe

Security can be a big concern when considering opening your digital workplace to external partners. How do you make sure your data is safe and that access is given only to those it was intended for?

Valo Entrance allows you to define who has access to what data via the Access Units whilst keeping your data safe using Microsoft’s Azure AD.

With Valo Entrance, access doesn’t mean compromising on security. As well as being able to define who has access to what data via the Access Units. Valo Entrance relies on Microsoft’s Azure AD (Active Directory) security, providing a seamless and highly secure digital experience for you and your external partners.

We also requested a security audit for Valo Entrance from Ampcus Cyber Inc. to check for any product vulnerabilities. Ampcus Cyber executed various tests, like penetration testing, client-side security tests and authentication tests, which Entrance passed with clear scores.

Challenge 3: Managing the registration process

So once you’ve established all your access permissions in the Access Unit, how do you make sure that you’ve invited all your intended external users without going through the laborious process of checking one by one?

Valo Entrance’s Self-Service Registration is so quick and easy to use.

This is where Valo Entrance’s Self-Service Registration Portal comes in. Connect to your external users and ask them to sign up in your company branded portal. You can even add the link to the registration portal to your public website, since only the users who have been added to an Access Unit will receive an confirmation email after registration.

Once they have registered they will be free to access all the content and data assigned to them via our external access management tool on their “Lobby” page. Access Unit managers will be able to track this activity via the dashboard.

Challenge 4: Creating a unifying branded environment

When it comes to external access management, there’s more to it than managing the back end. Designing a welcoming branded environment is just as important for creating a unifying, shared digital workplace for external partners.

Valo Entrance’s dashboard, Self-Service Registration Portal and registration confirmation email is fully customizable and brandable.

Valo Entrance can easily be adapted to suit your visual brand guidelines. From the Entrance dashboard and Self-Service Registration Portal to the registration email, each of these elements are fully customizable and brandable.

So is your organization ready to share the digital workplace love with you external partners? Here’s what one of our Premium Partners Solvion has to say about Valo Entrance.

With the emerging development of the digital workplace, and the associated collaboration between organizations, there is a growing need for a way to interact with guests a simple and straightforward way. Valo Entrance offers you and your external stakeholders a self-service tool that provides a convenient and, above all, secure procedure for inviting guests.


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