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Have you ever struggled with inviting external users to your SharePoint portal? Do you feel it’s difficult to know which places the external users have access to? Is it even more cumbersome to ensure the access has been removed from certain external users when necessary?

Valo Extranet will answer the needs you have with keeping your external stakeholders informed frequently. Allowing access to members outside your organization has not been that easy with SharePoint, so we at Valo come to the rescue with a solution, that makes managing the access effortless. Introducing Valo Extranet, including Valo Entrance and Valo Extranet Hub!

Valo Extranet is Valo Entrance
Better together – the new Valo Extranet consists of Valo Entrance and Valo Extranet hub. Available also separately.

Valo Entrance – your doorman to allow access only to your VIP list

The first addition we’ll introduce is Valo Entrance. With Valo Entrance, you are able to add external users to your portal, whether it is Valo Intranet or out-of-the-box SharePoint, with a couple of simple steps. Built as a site, your administrators or chosen users will have the possibility to connect the external users with your external content using Access units.

In an Access unit, you’ll define the resources (whether it’s a site, group or application) in which you want to give access to. Adding external users is simple as you only need to enter specific email addresses or define an entire email domain to give access to your Extranet for large groups.

After you’ve created the Access unit, you can just ask your audience to sign up in the Self-service registration portal and Valo Entrance will take care of the rest. Could it be more simple? We don’t think so either!

Valo Entrance's Access unit
With Valo Entrance’s Access units you define who gets access and where.

Valo Extranet – introduce the Valo experience to your external users too

With Valo Extranet Hub you can build a portal for your external stakeholders with the familiar Valo look and feel spiced up with your logo and brand colors! Leveraging the easy-to-use Valo Intranet features, you can create events, news, and FAQ sites, to start with.

In the future, when you have both Valo Intranet and Extranet in use, you are able to publish news simultaneously to both platforms. In addition, we have multiple cool features in the drawing table for the Extranet. Stay tuned!

Valo Extranet
This is how your new extranet hub might look like.

The Early Adopter Program is on and we’re looking for customers by end of April 2020 to join the program. If you are interested to be among the first ones to take it in use and give valuable feedback and therefore have a direct effect on the upcoming features, with additional discount of course. Reach out to your local Valo Partner for more!


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