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The Valo team is looking for an experienced Microsoft 365 Developer to join our Product Development team. In return, we offer you a full-time position with a competitive salary and excellent benefits. The preferred location is Europe.

Why in Europe? At Valo, we are used to remote working. However, as most of our developers are working from Finland, Poland, and Belgium, we believe working in the same time zone as most of your colleagues do is most convenient.

The responsibilities of a developer in the Valo team are flexible.

We expect our developers to

  • create specifications for new features
  • write the technical design of solutions
  • manage implementation tasks
  • ensure quality in the product
  • write documentation
  • and package all of this for our clients.

Are you up for the challenge? Check out the skills required to see if it is a good match.

To succeed in this role, we expect you to have the following knowledge and expertise:

  • Fluent English is a requirement, as this is the primary language we use in our team.
  • Minimum two years of experience in developing solutions on Microsoft 365 (Office 365 / SharePoint)
  • Passionate about JavaScript/TypeScript and React development
  • Experience in PnP PowerShell and/or Office 365 CLI
  • The ability to manage multiple simultaneous projects and work under pressure (But not to worry, you will have a lot of freedom in our team to ensure you have the right work-life balance.)
  • Experience from agile project work
  • Excellent teamwork skills
  • Working independently and remotely
  • Innovative and creative mindset
  • Positive and can-do – attitude

Want to shine a bit more?

Here are a couple of bonus skills/points:

  • Willingness to share your findings to both our team and the Valo community
  • User Experience
  • Design
  • Azure development experience
    • Azure Functions
    • Web Apps

Are there other things you can offer? Did we forget something? Be sure to tell what would make you a perfect match with us! 💛

What is in it for you?

You will get the chance to work with and learn from a team that includes the world’s best Microsoft 365 professionals. Our team consists of seasoned and passionate people who will not hesitate to share their knowledge with you and help you grow. Within Valo, you get a chance to develop an award-winning digital workplace solution used by over a million users worldwide!

How to apply

Are you interested and up for the challenge? Send your application to wbof@inybvagenarg.pbz. Apply now! We’ll start to interview candidates after receiving qualified applications!


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