Valo is always on the road and conquering the world. We are sponsoring a range of events, from conferences to workshops. Come meet us and feel the #ValoLove.

Expert Circle with Valo Premium Partner GABO

May 16 2019, Munich, Germany

Digital collaboration in the company is becoming increasingly important. Valo Premium Partner GABO is aware of this trend and has been focusing on the...
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Luxembourg Digital Workplace Community Event by AMPLEXOR

May 15 2019, Microsoft, 23 -29 Rives de Clausen, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

If you’re a communications professional, intranet manager or generally love all things digital workplace-related (and who doesn’t?), you won’t want to...
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Digital Workplace Tour with Valo Partner GIS AG and NovaCapta (in German)

May 14 2019, Hannover, Germany

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SharePoint Saturday Montreal 2019

May 11 2019

Valo is a proud Platinum Sponsor of SharePoint Saturday (SPS) Montreal! Are you an admin, end user, architect, developer, or professional that works w...
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Valo Summit APAC 2019 – Partner Event

May 08-09 2019, Sydney NSW, Australia

Join us to sharpen your product skills with our tech training sessions and business workshops. Become armed with insightful business and technical kno...
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Digital Workplace Conference New Zealand

Apr 30-May 01 2019, Auckland, New Zealand

The Digital Workplace Conference in New Zealand takes place on April 30 - May 1st in Auckland, New Zealand. Dedicated to Microsoft SharePoint and r...
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Connected Brains 2019 with Valo Partner LoQutus

Apr 30 2019, Gent, Belgium

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SharePoint Fest DC 2019

Apr 29-May 03 2019

Valo is proudly a Gold Sponsor of SharePoint Fest DC, a three-day SharePoint conference with an additional 2 days of workshops. The event includes a l...
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Valo Roadshow with SOLVION in Vienna and Graz

Apr 24-25 2019, Austria

Join us for a Valo Roadshow with our certified Valo Partner SOLVION either in Vienna or Graz for full-day events! At this event, you'll learn to co...
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Valo Meetup with Valo Partner T-System

Apr 17 2019, Bonn, Germany

Modern intranets form the basis for the new work and the workplace of the future Join us for an interactive, full-day hands-on session in Bonn, German...
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SharePoint Saturday Houston 2019

Apr 06 2019

SharePoint and O365 administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals working with Microsoft SharePoint Technologies rejoice!...
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Valo Summit Europe 2019 – Partner Event

Apr 03-04 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Welcome to the third Valo Summit - the Valo Partner event of the year! This years' Valo Summit Europe is held in lovely Amsterdam. Join us to sharp...
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Smarta Intranät

Apr 02 2019, Stockholm, Sweden

Valo is happy to sponsor the Smarta Intranät event together with our local partner Teknikhuset! Smarta Intranät is one of Sweden's biggest and lead...
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Tech & Tonic – Partner Event

Mar 12-13 2019, 1751 Rue Richardson, Montréal, QC, Canada

What's Tech & Tonic? We're inviting our incredible partners to our Montreal office for a 2-day partner event where we will take a look under the h...
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IntraTeam Copenhagen 2019

Feb 27-28 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

Two days contributed to Intranets! Yes, that's IntraTeam Copenhagen that is a warm community event with some great international speakers!  Last Oc...
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Valo Roadshow Cologne: with GIS and novaCapta

Feb 19 2019

Planned. Implemented. In love. Welcome to a practical hands-on event for your digital workplace! During this spring, we will be on the road toget...
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Microsoft Ignite | The Tour – Sydney

Feb 13-14 2019, Sydney NSW, Australia

Our another stop at the Microsoft Ignite Tour is in lovely Sydney!  On January you'll find us at the first stop of the tour, Toronto, and in Februa...
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SPTechCon Austin 2019

Feb 10-13 2019, Hilton Austin, 500 East 4th Street, Austin, Texas, USA

It's time for the first SPTechCon of the year! We had a blast last year at SPTechCon Boston and you can count on finding us at the first of two events...
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Advis, Happit and Valo Presents: Sauna Event

Feb 06 2019, Bern, Bern, Switzerland

Exclusive in Berne: Together with our Swizz Valo Partners Advis and Happit, we have created a unique Sauna Event! We start with the latest innovations...
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Microsoft Ignite | The Tour – Toronto

Jan 10-11 2019, Toronto, ON, Canada

Microsoft Ignite is on tour! You're not going to want to miss this free 2-day event offering up over 100 deep-dive sessions with over 350 Microsoft ex...
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SharePoint Fest Chicago 2018

Dec 03-07 2018, McCormick Place - South Building, 2301 South King Drive, Chicago, IL 60616, USA

Valo is proudly a Silver Sponsor of SharePoint Fest Chicago, a three-day SharePoint conference with an additional 2 days of Workshops. The event inclu...
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SharePoint Saturday Vienna 2018

Dec 01 2018, Vienna, Austria

The second ever SharePoint Saturday Vienna will gather together SharePoint administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals ...
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#ValoParty at ESPC!

Nov 27 2018, Studiestræde, København, Denmark

#ValoParty at ESPC is a fun evening to celebrate the success with us as a double finalist in the European SharePoint Community Awards! Meet the Val...
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European SharePoint Conference 2018

Nov 26-29 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

Europe's biggest SharePoint event of the year, ESPC, is held this year in Copenhagen! In this 4-day event, you have a  great opportunity to grow your ...
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Valo Modern Pre-Day, just before #ESPC

Nov 26 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

This is the last event on our Valo Intranet Goes Modern Pre-Day Tour. Join us for a full day around Valo Modern, just a day before the biggest SharePo...
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SharePoint Saturday Calgary 2018

Nov 17 2018, 1301 16th Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB, Canada

SharePoint and O365 administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals working with Microsoft SharePoint Technologies rejoice!...
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I4-YOU Workshop: Digital Workplace

Nov 12 2018, Zwijndrecht, Netherlands

One of the current needs in the workplace is to have a complete digital environment, from where all data can be accessed and business information can ...
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Office 365 Saturday Redmond 2018

Oct 27 2018, Redmond, Washington, USA

We're back in Redmond! Join us for Office 365 Saturday Redmond to hear the lates news in Microsoft Community. Earlier in October, we're privileged to...
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DQC Dev Summit 2018

Oct 25 2018, Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

DQC Summit in Göteborg is coming again! Last March we had a great time at the event and we're sure to have that experience again! The event offers ...
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Xylos Inspire 2018

Oct 18 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Digital opportunities are all around us and to take the right step towards digitalization we need to make the right choices. It's not only about techn...
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Modern Workplace Conference Paris 2018

Oct 17-18 2018, Paris, France

Oui, it's time for some excellency in heart of Europe as we take part in Modern Workplace Conference Paris! Two days dedicated to Office 365 and Share...
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SPS Denver 2018

Oct 06 2018, Denver, Colorado, USA

Are you one of the administrators, end users, architects, developers, or other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint Technologies? Great ...
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IntraTeam Stockholm

Oct 03-04 2018, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Hej igen, Stockholm! We had a great time in SPS Stockholm just a while back and now we're coming back to conquer IntraTeam Stockholm! International sp...
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Employee, Communications, PR and Social Media Summit at Microsoft

Oct 03-05 2018, Redmond, Washington, USA

If you need to overcome challenges in internal communications, PR and social media, join us for this event to learn new strategies, tactics, tools, an...
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Microsoft Ignite 2018

Sep 24-28 2018, Orlando, FL, USA

Microsoft Ignite 2018 is one of the biggest events in the industry! It is an optimal place to get in touch with technology leaders and practitioners w...
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Valo Modern Pre-Day, just before #MSIgnite

Sep 23 2018, Orlando, FL, USA

A full day around Modern! We want to welcome our Valo Partners to join us for the Valo Modern Pre-Day, just before Microsoft Ignite starts. Come and l...
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SPS Stockholm 2018

Sep 01 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

Modern is in everyone's lips inside SharePoint community and yes, SharePoint Saturday Stockholm will be all about modern workplaces too!  Come and ...
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SPTechCon Boston 2018

Aug 26-28 2018, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Right after SharePoint Fest Seattle you will find the Valo Team at SPTechCon Boston! Three days committed to SharePoint and Office 365! Join us for tr...
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SharePoint Fest Seattle 2018

Aug 20-24 2018, Seattle, Washington, United States

Valo is proudly a Silver Sponsor of SharePoint Fest Seattle, a three-day SharePoint conference. It includes a large selection of focused sessions and ...
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Australian Digital Workplace Conference

Aug 15-16 2018, Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Down Under, we meet again in a lovely city of Melbourne when Australian Digital Workplace event takes place! Previously known as SharePoint Confere...
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Microsoft Inspire 2018

Jul 15-19 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Viva Las Vegas!  Microsoft Inspire is a must-attend event where the world meet to transfer business!  Microsoft Inspire is the largest Microsoft's ...
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SharePoint Konferenz

Jun 25-27 2018, Wien, Austria

SharePoint Konferenz is a two-day event in beautiful Vienna, packed with all the SharePoint related information you can imagine! Austrian Valo Part...
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Office365 Saturday Montreal

Jun 02 2018, Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Qui! Montreal, the new, second home for Valo, will celebrate its tenth anniversary of the SharePoint Quebec group! Previously knows as an SPS Montreal...
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Montreal Valo Office Warming Party

Jun 01 2018, Montréal, Quebec, Canada

At the eve of Office 365 Saturday Montreal, we're excited to invite you to a Valo Office Warming Party! Come see yourself what our brand new North Ame...
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European Collaboration Summit 2018

May 28-30 2018, Mainz, Germany

European Collaboration Summit, ECS, gathers together the like-minded Microsoft product enthusiasts! As the largest community-driven conference focu...
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SPS Zurich

May 26 2018, Zürich, Switzerland

Join us for the second SharePoint Saturday Zurich! Valo is sponsoring the event together with our Swiss Valo Partner Happit and from the booth, you...
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Valo Partner Summit North America

May 24 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Yes, it's true! This year Valo will expand the Summit to also take place in North America. Prepare yourself for a glorious day in Las Vegas, May 24! ...
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SharePoint Conference North America

May 21-23 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Join the excitement at the SharePoint Conference North America from May 21st – 23rd in Las Vegas, and get the chance to attend 150+ Microsoft and comm...
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Cloud Friday & SPS Nashville

May 04-05 2018, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Nashville, the home for country music, will host two events in a row on the first weekend of May! Cloud Friday Nashville, an in-depth one-day learn...
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Valo Partner Summit Lisbon 2018

May 03-04 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

Yes, it's coming again - The 2nd Valo Partner Summit in Europe will be held in beautiful Lisbon, 3-4 of May. And you, our beloved partner, are exclusi...
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SPS Houston 2018

Apr 28 2018, Houston, Texas, United States

Yehaaaw! Valo is coming to Houston, Texas, for the SharePoint Saturday Houston! You have the change to hear all the latest news about SharePoint AN...
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Office 365 Saturday Vancouver 2018

Apr 14 2018, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Join us for the first Office 365 Saturday Vancouver in April! The fourth Saturday event held in Vancouver was previously known as a SPS Vancouver but ...
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SPS Twin Cities 2018

Apr 14 2018, Bloomington, MN, USA

Immerse yourself to the SharePoint in SPS Twin Cities! This educational, informative and lively day is packed with sessions from respected SharePoi...
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SharePoint Fest DC

Mar 26-30 2018, Washington D.C., DC, United States

With 45 speakers and 130 sessions, SharePoint Fest DC is worth a visit! You'll find Valo Team, together with our Partner C/D/H, sharing the #ValoLove ...
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DQC Dev Summit 2018

Mar 15 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden

If you're into coding and love to work with SharePoint, Microsoft Office and Azure, DQC Dev Summit is your night! Valo is a sponsor at this first-e...
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North American Collaboration Summit

Mar 02-03 2018, Branson, Missouri, United States

Valo is a Diamond Sponsor at North American Collaboration Summit, the premium Office 365 and Sharepoint Conference, also known as SharePoint Alooza, i...
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SPS Utah 2018

Feb 03 2018, Taylorsville, Utah, United States

Utah is administrating already their 7th SharePoint Saturday event at the UDOT Learning Center and Valo will be there too together with our fabulous V...
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SPS Helsinki 2018

Jan 27 2018, Korkeavuorenkatu 35, Helsinki, Finland

Already the third annual SharePoint Saturday Helsinki will be held in Microsoft Flux, and Valo is a Gold Sponsor for the event! Join us to the beau...
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Valo Partner Meetup

Jan 25-26 2018, Helsinki, Finland

Just before the SharePoint Saturday Helsinki 2018, it's time to gather up our beloved Partners for a Meetup! During the two days, Valo Partners hav...
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Valo Partner Meetup Helsinki 2019

Jan 17-Dec 18 2018, Helsinki, Finland

It's time for a yearly Partner Meetup with Valo! Welcome to Helsinki, home for Valo, to enjoy roundtable discussions and private meetings with Euro...
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SPS San Diego

Jan 13 2018, San Diego, California, United States

Already the third SPS San Diego is coming up at the very beginning of 2018. And naturally, our Valo team will be there too, sharing the love of intran...
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SharePoint Fest Chicago

Dec 05-08 2017, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Valo goes abroad once again! ... and is a silver sponsor of SharePoint Fest Chicago! At SharePoint Fest Chicago there are sessions created for S...
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Intra.NET Reloaded London

Nov 27-28 2017, Hilton London Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom

London calling! The Intra.NET Reloaded London is the leading knowledge platform gathering together all stakeholders playing a significant role in t...
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Simposio Latinoamericano – SharePoint & Office 365

Nov 21 2017, Providencia, Chile

El Simposio Latinoamericano 2017 is the ninth edition of the event, and biggest in the region! The event brings together leading experts and business ...
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SPS Lisbon

Nov 18 2017, Lisbon City Center, Lissabon, Portugal

Another great SPS event where Valo Intranet will be at as a Gold Sponsor! SPS Lisbon is back and held on November 18th at Microsoft Portugal's Headqua...
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Valo Intranet Reception at ESPC 2017

Nov 14 2017, Bow St, Smithfield Village, Dublin 7, Ireland

It's time to gather SharePoint, O365 and Azure experts together for the largest conference of it's kind. ESPC 2017 will be held November 13-16 in love...
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European SharePoint Conference

Nov 13-16 2017, Dublin, Ireland

ESPC is Europe’s leading online community, providing educational resources and encouraging collaboration. Each year ESPC gathers SharePoint, Office 36...
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SPS Oslo

Nov 11 2017, Oslo, Norway

SharePoint & Office 365 administrators, business and end users, architects, developers, and other professi​​onals that work with Microsoft SharePo...
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Office 365 Saturday Redmond

Oct 28 2017, Redmond, Washington, United States

Very excited to be attending Office 365 Saturday Redmond as a Silver Sponsor with our US Valo Certfied Partner, Klarinet Solutions! The event is takin...
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SharePoint Unite

Oct 24-26 2017, Haarlem, Netherlands

Re-Energize Your Capabilities By Attending Europe’s Premier SharePoint Conference 24-26 October 2017 in Haarlem, Netherlands. Valo Intranet is atte...
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Xylos Inspire

Oct 18 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Don't expect us to tell you to innovate, we'd rather show you how The world has changed dramatically, and that this demands constant versatility an...
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Microsoft Ignite

Sep 25-29 2017, Orlando, Florida, United States

Meet innovators and explore tomorrow's tech at Microsoft Ignite, September 25-29 in Orlando, Florida! Access 1,000+ hours of content Connect w...
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Enterprise Business Collaboration

Sep 18-19 2017, Berlin, Germany

Valo goes abroad again! The Enterprise Business Collaboration 2017 is the place where business meets technology and where collaboration platforms m...
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SharePoint Fest Seattle

Aug 08-11 2017, Seattle, Washington, United States

Valo travels again! Attend SharePoint Fest - Seattle, where you’ll be able to attend technical classes and workshops – taught by Microsoft Certifie...
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SPS New York City

Jul 29 2017, New York, United States

SharePoint administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint Technologies will meet for t...
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Valo Intranet Reception at Microsoft Inspire

Jul 12 2017, Washington, District of Columbia (DC), United States

Once again Microsoft partners from all around the world will get together July 9–13, 2017. This year the annual Microsoft partner conference will be h...
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Microsoft Inspire

Jul 09-13 2017, Washington, District of Columbia (DC), United States

Connect with partners, Microsoft employees and industry experts at Microsoft Inspire, previously known as WPC. With past attendance exceeding 16,000 p...
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Jun 27-30 2017, Frankfurt, Germany

The ShareConf takes place for the ninth time in June 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany. The focus of the conference will be use of SharePoint in practice - t...
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SPS London

Jun 24 2017, London, United Kingdom

On June 24th 2017, again at Imperial College in London,  the best in local and global SharePoint and Office 365 talent are brought together to the buz...
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Office 365 Engage

Jun 19-22 2017, Haarlem, Netherlands

Office 365 Engage, a UnityConnect event, returns to the Netherlands in a stunning venue in beautiful Haarlem, just outside Amsterdam, with compelling ...
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Een Social Intranet met Valo

Jun 01 2017, Veenendaal, Netherlands

c)solutions is organizing a free event about Valo Intranet and presents the great possibilities of modern, ready-to-go intranet which offers all you c...
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European Collaboration Summit

May 30-31 2017, Zagreb, Croatia

The European Collaboration Summit (ECS) is the largest community-driven conference focusing on Microsoft's products Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Exc...
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SharePoint Fest Denver

May 30-Jun 02 2017, Denver, Colorado, United States

Attend SharePoint Fest Denver, where you’ll be able to attend technical classes and workshops – taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers, Microsoft engi...
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SPS Chicago Suburbs

May 20 2017, Chicago, Illinois, United States

This year SPS Chicago Suburbs is combining two events: “4th Annual SharePoint Saturday” and “3rd Annual Cloud Saturday” into one event under one roof!...
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More Than ‘Just’ SharePoint

May 18 2017, Edegem, Belgium

More than 'just' SharePoint! Valo is attending Ventigrate's customer event  where you can hear more about building a modern, user-friendly intranet. ...
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SPS Montreal

May 13 2017, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

You work directly or indirectly with SharePoint, Office 365 or Azure? Join a group of architects, developers, integrators, business people and communi...
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SPS Twin Cities

May 06 2017, Bloomington, Minnesota, United States

Join SharePoint architects, developers and information workers for our next 'SharePoint Saturday' event. SharePoint Saturday is an educational, inf...
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Valo Partner Summit 2017

May 04-05 2017, Florence, Italy

Dear Partners, we are pleased to invite you to join like-minded SharePoint & Office 365 peers and share the love of Valo Intranet at this two-day ...
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SharePoint Fest DC

Apr 17-20 2017, Washington, (DC), USA

SharePoint Fest DC, April 17-20 offers a stunning opportunity to take part into technical classes and workshops – taught by Microsoft Certified Traine...
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SPS Vancouver

Apr 08 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The second annual SharePoint Saturday Vancouver is held on April 8th, 2017 at UBC Robson Square. This event gathers together SharePoint administrators...
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SPTechCon Austin

Apr 02-05 2017, Austin, Texas, United States

SPTechCon: The SharePoint Technology Conference – is the largest independent SharePoint training conference in the world - for SharePoint IT professio...
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SPS Calgary

Apr 01 2017, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Seminar ‘Crazy about your intranet with Valo’

Mar 31 2017, Bruxelles, Belgium

Everyone wants an intranet that brings employees together, reflects the company’s brand and is easy to maintain. It also has to render perfectly on a ...
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Business Conference

Mar 29 2017, Tallinna, Tallinna linn, Estonia

Primend’s Business Conference offers the great opportunity to hear presentations about internal communications and business analytics from experienced...
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SPS Helsinki

Mar 25 2017, Helsinki, Finland

Valo is attending the SharePoint Saturday Helsinki, which brings the arctic coolness of Finland into the hot SharePoint and Office 365 ​community! Mee...
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aOS Days Dublin

Mar 15 2017, Dublin, Ireland
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SharePoint Saturday Utah

Feb 25 2017, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

This Saturday, Valo is heading to Utah, Salt Lake City for the SharePoint Saturday Utah Event! The conference takes place on February 25th, at the Uni...
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aOS Tour Canada

Feb 06-10 2017, Canada

The aOS Canadian Tour is a conference taking place in four different Canadian cities, over the span of five days.
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MS Cloud Summit Paris

Jan 23-25 2017, Paris, France

January 23th to 25th 2017 - New Cap Event Center - Paris 15th. The Community event dedicated to all Microsoft technologies Cloud & Hybrid! http...
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Dec 05-08 2016, San Francisco, California, United States

Valo has attended a great deal of events and conferences this year, and our last event of the year is just around the corner. Our final destination is...
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Unity Connect

Nov 16-18 2016, Haarlem, Netherlands

  You can meet Valo Intranet at Unity Connect from 16 – 18 November at Philharmonie Haarlem, Netherlands. We are attending the event together ...
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Nov 14-17 2016, Wien, Austria

  The European SharePoint and Office 365 Conference (#ESPC16) takes place on 14-17 November 2016 in Vienna, Austria. It is the largest confere...
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SPS Durban

Oct 29 2016, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

We can’t wait to start our SharePoint Saturday tour in South Africa! Together with our partner Datacentrix, Valo is attending three SPS events in diff...
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Unity Connect SEF

Oct 26-28 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

Valo Intranet is attending SEF Unity Connect, the SharePoint and Office 365 Conference in Stockholm. The event takes place on 26-28 October 2016. J...
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SPS Cape Town

Oct 22 2016, Cape Town, Länsi-Kap, South Africa

We can’t wait to start our SharePoint Saturday tour in South Africa! Together with our partner Datacentrix, Valo is attending three SPS events in diff...
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SPS Oslo

Oct 22 2016, Oslo, Norway

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at SharePoint Saturday Oslo Conference. Valo and our partner Rejlers Embriq from Norway are a Platinum ...
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SharePoint Saturday Brussels

Oct 15 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Valo is not slowing down! We have an eventful month going on and the next event we’re going to is just around the corner. Valo is attending the next S...
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Smarta Intranät

Oct 13 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

Together with our partner Fujitsu Sweden, Valo will be attending this year’s Smarta Intranät event in Stockholm. Held for the 8th time, the event take...
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SPS Johannesburg

Oct 08 2016, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

We can’t wait to start our SharePoint Saturday tour in South Africa! Together with our partner Datacentrix, Valo is attending three SPS events in diff...
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SPS Cambridge

Sep 10 2016, Cambridge, Great Britain

The super popular, free, one-day Saturday event is here again – none other than SharePoint Saturday of course! Next one on the list is SharePoint Satu...
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Advania Fall Conference

Sep 09 2016, Reykjavík, Iceland

There’s a lot of great stuff going on with Valo and Iceland at the moment! Our local partner Advania has done a great job by selling their first Valo ...
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SharePoint Fest Seattle

Aug 15-18 2016, Seattle, Washington, United States

Join us at SharePoint Fest Seattle on August 15-18th at the Washington State Convention Center! Valo is attending this event together with our US part...
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WPC Toronto

Jul 10-14 2016, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This is the place to be: The largest event for Microsoft partners, Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto! Valo is attending this 5-day conference on...
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Jun 07-10 2016, Frankfurt, Germany

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at the ShareConf event in Frankfurt! Valo’s partner twinB.IT from Germany together with Valo are attend...
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SPS Paris

May 28 2016, Paris, France

Valo is attending SharePoint Saturday Paris on May 28th 2016 at the Montparnasse Tower. There is again a great set of respected SharePoint professiona...
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SPS Madrid

May 07 2016, Madrid, Spain

Join the SharePoint Saturday Madrid event on May 7th! Meet Valo Intranet and a number of IT professionals including administrators, end users, archite...
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Smarta Intranät

Apr 12 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

Smarta Intranät, Sweden’s biggest intranet event, is here! Come and meet Valo and a variety of speakers talking about hot topics like how to succeed w...
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Office 365 Copenhagen

Mar 12 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Office 365 Saturday event in Denmark is just around the corner! Meet Valo at OSDK, free one-day conference where you’ll hear from the respected Sh...
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