The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Content in SharePoint Online

Aug 27 2019

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Creating content can be considered easy. Stating facts, informing your audience and keeping it up to date is part of the job. But who is reading your article, your page, your news post? Someone that is just like you, overloaded with information all day long and needs to be productive today.  

In this webinar, you will gain knowledge on how to craft the perfect content that will leave your colleagues beyond engaged, and wanting more.

Find out by registering for this incredible webinar with Microsoft MVP Sébastien Levert!

August 27th @ 8:00 AM EST


August 27th @ 2:00 PM EST



Want some more awesome content while you wait for the webinar? Check out Sébastien’s blog series that will highlight the 3 main actions to be taken by every content author using SharePoint Online : 

Part 1 : Make your content relevant, or how to write content that is informational 

Part 2 : Make your content pop, or how to catch your reader’s eyes 

Coming soon – Part 3 : Make your content engaging, or how to bring your user in the conversation 


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