Webinar: Intranet with Business Apps (Valo & skybow)

Nov 07 2017

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Welcome to our co-hosted free webinar by Valo Intranet & skybow 

SharePoint can be much more than a simple file storage, learn how to enrich it with a great Intranet and many different Business Apps.

Most companies still use their SharePoint just to store files or use simple collaboration tools with our any style or business logic.

But there is so much a company needs to provide online in a time where a lot of employees work from home or even in other countries and have no chance to see and feel the spirit of their own company.

Meet the experts


Juha Koivula, Product Manager at Valo Intranet


Adis Jugo, Director Product Technology at skybow

Valo Intranet and skybow are the tools to transform SharePoint into a place were information, collaboration and administration are user-friendly, easy and logical.

Join us to discover ideas, tips and techniques, and insights that will keep you on track! The webinar will be held at 16:00 PM (CTE).


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