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Find here commonly asked questions and answers about Valo Intranet.

Why don't we just use SharePoint out of the box?

If you deploy SharePoint out of the box, you need to figure out the concept for your Intranet and then implement it into your SharePoint environment. Whether or not you decide to customize your SharePoint or not, the process of creating a new Intranet with SharePoint takes a lot of time and requires special expertise, both concept-wise and technically.

Valo is a ready-to-go Intranet solution, whose concept summarizes the best practices and lessons learned of the hundreds of Intranet implementations we’ve got under our belt. With Valo, your content producers can start focusing on the content from the very first day.

Why don't we just use Yammer as our Intranet?

Due to the increasing popularity of Yammer, it’s understandable that some organizations want to try it out as a complete Intranet solution. The problem with Yammer is, it’s a feed. Typically corporate communications requires certain messages to be always visible to all users. For sure, Yammer has the Announcements feature that you can stretch to some extent, but how to publish events and trainings? Also, Yammer search is notoriously weak. Not to mention the ECM capabilities. In our vision, Yammer has an important role in the Intranet toolbox, but we don’t see it as a complete Intranet solution.

Is Valo Intranet available in my country?

Valo Intranet is available globally. For local support our Valo Intranet partners are at your service. See up-to-date list of local Valo Intranet partners here.

Which version of Office 365 is required? Is Azure required?

Office 365 based Valo Intranet implementations require an active SharePoint Online subscription from Office 365. Each person who accesses SharePoint Online must be assigned to an Office 365 plan (E1-E5, K1).
SharePoint Online Plan 1 or SharePoint Online Plan 2 standalone service can also be used but please note that in addition to SharePoint Online, full Valo Intranet experience requires also Office 365 Video, Delve, and Yammer.

Valo intranet is built according to Microsoft’s recommendations for implementing a sustainable and future-proof cloud solution. SharePoint Add-in Model means that all the code that Valo Intranet solution requires is placed outside of SharePoint – in a browser or in Azure App Service.

Does Valo Intranet work with on-premises SharePoint Server?

Yes. Valo Intranet is fully compatible with SharePoint Server versions 2013 and 2016. Some cloud-based Valo Intranet features, such as Yammer -integration, Latest Office 365 Videos and Delve Blogs however require Office 365 subscription.

If I'm using Office 365, what capabilities are used and integrated to Valo Intranet?

Valo Intranet is based on SharePoint – but it is not limited only to functionalities SharePoint Online can offer. Our aim is to fully leverage all the capabilities in the Microsoft cloud platform and deliver them to the end users in a user friendly way. Yammer, Office 365 Groups, Office 365 Video, Delve, Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business are already integral parts of the Valo Intranet experience. In the near future also Teams and Planner will be integrated to Valo Intranet.

What is the license model?

Because Valo Intranet license model is modular, you pay only for the features you need. License purchase is a one-time perpetual license fee for one Office 365 tenant or on premises SharePoint Server.
Current modules and add-ons are: Intranet, Teamwork, Social Hub, Video, People Finder, Delve Blogs, Admin ToolPack, Idea Management and Multilingual.

Valo Fresh subscription gives you an access to our future releases and usage rights to the Valo Mobile App.

Is it possible to give Valo Intranet a try before purchasing it?

Yes. 30 days Trial use is possible. Contact us for more details.

How can I get updates to my Valo Intranet?

Valo Product Team is publishing new product releases every 3 months. Valo Fresh subscription gives a customer an access and usage right to the Valo releases during the validity period of the contract. Usage right to Valo Intranet Mobile App is also included in the Valo Fresh subscription.

Is there a set-up fee or other additional costs?

Valo Intranet is a ready-to-go solution, so in most scenarios there is no need for a long and expensive traditional intranet project. However, depending on your own skill set, you might need help for setup, branding and content migration from our local partners. In larger organizations there might be also a need for help in planning the information architecture, governance model, launch activities and overall project management.

Can I customize Valo Intranet?

Yes. After the initial deployment, a Valo Intranet works just like any SharePoint environment. You can add new web parts, create new customizations, etc. If you want to extend existing Valo features, that is also possible.

How long will Valo Intranet take to deploy?

Valo Intranet can be deployed in one week – including the setup and basic branding. If you are a large enterprise you should reserve a couple of months to the project in order to have enough time to arrange all the needed workshops.

Can I use Valo Intranet with my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. All Valo Intranet UX options are responsive and adapt to all kind of mobile devices. In addition, you can download the Valo Intranet Mobile App for Android and iOS.

Is there a product roadmap?

Yes. We are bringing extremely cool new features to Valo Intranet in the future releases. Up-to-date roadmap is shared with all our customers in “What’s new Valo Intranet” -webinars each month.

Who is a typical Valo Intranet customer?

Over 250 organisations are already using Valo Intranet in their daily life. Valo Intranet clientele includes customers from all industries and from small and midsize organizations to large enterprises.

What is the history of Valo Intranet?

Blue Meteorite (the company behind Valo Intranet) has a long history of developing SharePoint-based intranets. Building an intranet from scratch is often very time-consuming and expensive. However, in the end, most intranets look the same and share the same functionality.

Over time we became frustrated reinventing the wheel over and over again and the first version of Valo Intranet was born in 2011. Current Valo Intranet version is the third major version of the product.

Who is behind Valo Intranet?

Valo Intranet Product Team is a dedicated team of 18 people focused 100% on developing the Valo Intranet product, marketing it globally and building the channel partner network.

Blue Meteorite was founded in Finland in 2001. From the beginning, Blue Meteorite has been 100% focused on Microsoft technologies. Blue Meteorite is one of the most experienced Office 365 and SharePoint partners in Europe, and was recognized as Microsoft’s Country Partner of the Year in 2016. Currently we employ over 100 professionals. Blue Meteorite is owned by its employees and Fujitsu.

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