Find out what Valo Intranet packs

Valo Intranet is
easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy
and beautiful to look at.

Our intranet-in-a-box solution offers a pre-built set of intranet capabilities
so you don’t have to reinvent the intranet wheel.

User Centric Design

User-centric design principles maximize the modern and enjoyable usage for employees.

Best Practices in a Box

Front page, content pages, easy navigation, footer, breadcrumb path, drag & drop images and more.

Tested Information Architecture

Valo ships with a default information architecture where we have gathered best practices from our hundreds of Intranet projects. This makes it easier to get started with planning your own structure and content production.

Office 365 Launcher

Add your intranet to Office 365 Launcher to make it easy to find and use.

Communicate the way you’re used to.

Communicate with Yammer

Yammer is integrated seamlessly into Valo Intranet, taking the role of the social component. Yammer announcements and praises are natural part of the intranet experience.

Interact with others

Social interactions like commenting, liking, and sharing are a powerful emotional driver, engage the employees and help to exchange ideas.

Valo Intranet
looks great on all devices.

Beautiful Branded Look & Feel

Valo Intranet doesn’t look like your standard Sharepoint. It is fitted to your Corporate brand without coding: choose your logo, colors, shortcuts, and titles – make it your own!

Responsive Design

All our intranet themes are 100% responsive and designed with the mobile experience in mind.

Mobile App for iOS and Android

Receive notifications about important news and events anywhere, anytime with Valo mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Available on AppStore and Google Play

Choose your color

Choose your favourite look & feel: Candela, Lumen, or Lux.
Each one is 100% responsive and can be fitted to your corporate brand.

Features that cover all
your typical intranet needs

Never miss an important part of information again!
Valo Intranet’s core features covers the full spread of typical intranet needs.

Intuitive News Publishing

Delegate news publishing to content owners, with Valo’s intuitive news publishing tools. Target news per department or location and pin the most important news on the front page. Engage users with commenting and liking. Add images with easy drag & drop functionality.

Create Content Pages easily using Templates

Basic content creation has to be as easy as possible. Valo comes with intuitive page templates that have everything necessary in place, so that your content producers can focus on the content from the beginning.

Company-wide Event Hub

With using the Valo’s Event Hub, everyone can keep track of upcoming internal events, trainings and conferences.

All Features


Find out your organization’s pulse by publishing and analyzing quick questionnaires on the Intranet. Get insight from your valued employees and hear their opinion!

Intranet Forms

Valo comes with the most common forms such as a holiday application, expense claim etc. so you don’t have to reinvent the Intranet wheel.


Improve employee satisfaction by providing an internal marketplace where users can sell, buy, and donate items.

News Alerts

News alerts pop-up the the front page when something urgent happens.


Information is easy to find using SharePoint’s powerful search experience.

Quick Links

Promoted shortcuts for the staff on the Intranet front page makes navigation fast and easier.

Open Job Positions

A standardized set of tools for managing your internal job market and recruiting.

RSS Feeds

Promote news from an external source, such as the company web site.

Our People Blog

Provide tools for your employees to present themselves.


Provide frequent questions and answers on the Intranet with a FAQ feature. Valo FAQ include a dynamic, user-friendly UI and question categories. Create dedicated FAQs for IT, HR, etc.

Make it better with addons

Make it better with Add-ons


Manage Sharepoint Workspaces and Office 365 groups with ease using the Teamwork addon.

Delve Blogs

Encourage your colleagues to share their insights with Delve blogging and pull the latest blog posts into the intranet.

Social Hub

Social Hub gathers your company’s presence in external social media on a single page on the Intranet.


Latest Video add-on displays latest videos from Office 365 Video portal in your intranet.

People Finder

People Finder allows your to search for your colleagues quickly from the intranet front page by name or phone number. It integrates seamlessly with SharePoint’s powerful People search and Delve user profiles.

Admin Toolpack

Find all the tools and intranet analytics in one place: Most popular Intranet pages, most unpopular Intranet pages, most popular workspaces, pending workspace orders, etc.

Idea Management

Use Idea Management to collect and grow new ideas to solve problems and discover new opportunities. Achieve scores from submitting new ideas and commenting others’ ideas!


Multilingual enables you to manage your Intranet content in multiple languages. We currently support 14 languages out-of-the-box.

On-premises or in the cloud

In the Cloud or On-premises

Valo supports both Office 365 and on-premises Sharepoint Server 2013 & 2016

Built using Microsoft latest technical recommendations

Valo is 100% aligned with Microsoft’s Cloud Add-In model. This means that all the customizations are isolated outside SharePoint. This leads to better performance, great manageability and a future-proof Intranet.

Intranet-in-a-box using Sharepoint and Office 365

Valo Intranet provides the best possible intranet experience using Sharepoint and Office 365 by filling in the gaps for Microsoft and leveraging all the capabilites of those platforms: integrations to Yammer, Delve, Office 365 Video and Groups.

Scalable and Customizable

Valo Intranet scales from small companies to global enterprises. Valo Intranet follows standard solution architecture principles, so you can extend it to fulfil your specific needs.





  • Cloud Add-in Model: remote provisioning, client side development
  • e.g. Master Pages are not customized

Valo Fresh

Peace of Mind as a Service

Let us keep your intranet up-to-date and aligned with Office 365 and Sharepoint platform changes so you can concentrate on your core business.

  • Get new Valo features released every three months.
  • Periodical stability and performance updates.
  • We keep your intranet up-to-date with platform changes.
  • Empower your employees with Mobile App for iPhone and Android.

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