Valo Idea Management

Idea Management for your organization

Co-create and drive innovation in a fun way. Valo Idea Management lets your workers present new ideas, discuss and score them.

Valo Idea Management – watch the video to see how it works

Idea Management

Motivate to share ideas

Make idea generation and nurturing fun by ranking the idea cards and scoring the employee activity. Give the power to your workers and let them decide on the best ideas. 


Reward Creativity

Reward contributions and popular ideas. Recognition is a great way to boost employee activity and make people love you.

Idea Management - stats

Track ideas and capture insights

Capture insights effectively and create a strong, collaborative workplace by offering a platform to share and nurture ideas. Give a voice to everyone in your organization.

Works seamlessly with your intranet

Don’t let the ideation tool be an island of information in your digital workplace! Surface the latest or most popular ideas on your Intranet front page, using the Top Ideas Web Part!

Idea Management
Idea workflow
Discuss & like ideas
Categories & filters
Activity scores
Statistics dashboard

Add-on or Stand-alone

Valo Idea Management is available as an add-on to your existing Valo Intranet, or as a Stand-alone SharePoint module.

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