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Choose our Intranet solution or expand with Idea Management and Teamwork options to get a full digital workplace experience. Great for companies of all sizes and industries! You only have to pay once to get a lifetime license.


Core features + optional add-ons

Idea management

Collect and nurture ideas in a fun way.


Manage your groups and collaboration tools.

Most popular

Digital workplace

+ Idea Management
+ Teamwork

Pricing tiers:
Tier 1: < 250 users and non-profits Tier 2: 251 - 1000 users Tier 3: 1001 - 5000 users Tier 4: 5001 - 20000 users Tier 5: over 20000 users

Get continuous updates with Valo Fresh Subscription

Get continuous updates

Keep your intranet up-to-date on platform changes with Valo Fresh Subscription. New features are released every three months.

Yearly subscription payment is


of your original license fee.

Pick the features you need

The total price of you digital workplace consists of the basic charge and the fees of the selected add-ons. Add-on bundle discount: get 20 % off by choosing 6+ add-ons.

Basic package + add-ons
Add-on or stand-alone
Idea management
Add-on or stand-alone
Mobile App for iOS and Android With Fresh Subscription
News Publishing
Page Templates
Event Hub
News Alerts
Open Positions
Employee Blog
Quick Links
ADD-ONS get a 20% discount by choosing 6+ add-ons    
Social Hub
People Finder
Delve Blogs
Admin Toolpack & Analytics
Multilingual intranet
Teamwork - add-on or stand-alone    
Access Teams, Planner and Sharepoint Sites
Manage Group Lifecycle
Find documents and discussions
Group templates
Group metadata
Idea Management - add-on or stand-alone    
Idea workflow
Discuss & like ideas
Categories & filters
Activity scores
Statistics dashboard


Choose between the platforms, level of service and delivery time that suit your organization’s needs.

PlatformOffice365 or On-premises SharePoint Server
Essential ServicesInformation Architecture & Planning, Setup, Branding, Training, Support & Maintenance
Advanced ServicesMigration, Bespoke development, Governance Model Planning, Launch Planning
Delivery timeExpress (1 week), Standard (4 weeks) or Enterprise (8-12 weeks)
Valo Fresh Yearly SubscriptionAccess to updates and Valo Mobile App for 25% of your license fee / year

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We were looking for an intranet package that could be implemented in just a few months. Valo had the most features in this category of providers. We also liked that it was offered at a fixed price.

Fredrik Wennström
Business Developer, Bixia, Valo Customer

I just opened our new Intranet for the first time and it looks awesome 🙂

Sabin Vusca
IT Specialist, Eldon Group, Valo Customer

Smartest Way to Do Intranet


Basic setup of Valo Intranet to Office 365 is no big deal but you might need help in it. Setup for on-premises SharePoint is a bit more complicated. Don’t worry, you are in good hands.


No one wants to use an intranet that looks like a SharePoint. Your intranet should look like your company. So it will be branded. Period.

Information architecture

The most important decision you have to make when building a new intranet is how the information is delivered to your employees in a way they want to consume it.

Content migration

Of course you have an old intranet with (old) content. Some of it is still useful, so our partners will help you in migrating (the necessary) content to the new intranet.


Everything you need isn’t included? Valo Intranet extension model makes it possible to extend Valo to fulfill your needs.


Don’t forget to tell your employees that you have a brand new intranet!


Of course your admins and content producers need to know what to do with the new intranet. So trainings they will get!


Our local partners will offer you support with your ongoing operations and developing your intranet further.

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