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Valo Intranet – Privacy Policy

1. Data Controller

Sininen Meteoriitti Oy and its fully owned subsidiaries (hereby referred to as Blue Meteorite)
Company ID: 1732654-1​
Address: Verkkosaarenkatu 5, 00580 Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +358 20 790 7700

2. Contact Person

Sininen Meteoriitti Oy
Henrik Blåfield 

3. Name of the Register

This policy concerns the following registers owned by Blue Meteorite:

  • Customer register
  • Marketing register

4. The purpose for processing the data

We collect, and store data based on our current contractual relations with our partners and clients, and information related to our possible future partners and clients. The collection of this data is based on our business and we collect the data by ourselves.

We used the personal data gathered, together with anonymous statistics, to develop our website, to answer to contact requests and general feedback, to send email and marketing messages, and to target our marketing visible in the website.

5. Contents of the Register

We collect the following information:

  • First name and last name
  • Title
  • Contact information
  • Company information (Company name, size, industry)
  • Other textual information related to the relationship with the individual, such as the purpose for the request for information
  • Marketing opt-in or opt-out
  • IP address information or other technical identifiers
  • Information gathered from cookies
  • Information gathered from social media channels
  • Information related to the contractual relationship such as meetings and other activities
  • Information about your career history you have submitted to us when applying for a position with us

Information submitted to us for the purpose of applying for a position with us will be automatically deleted within 6 months of submission.

6. Sources for the data

Through our website, we collect both personally identifiable data and anonymous statistics regarding visits.

We also collect personally identifiable data through forms in our website.

We use cookies and visitor tracking in website. This data allows us to ensure operations of our website and to further develop the services offered in our website.

You can opt out of cookies. Please note that this may affect the level of service on the website.

7. Anonymous web analytics

We use the following tools and services to collect anonymous web analytics:

8. Targeting of advertisements

Based on visiting our website, we may target advertisements to you when you visit other websites.
We have embedded the following tools into our website which may install cookies into your browser:

We also collect personally identifiable information based on attendees to events and webinars where we have attended as an organizer or sponsor and where the attendees have given their consent to being contacted by organizers or sponsors.

9. Hand-overs of information

We may hand over information submitted to us via the contact form to our partners for follow-up purposes. Under no other circumstances do we hand over, sell or lease your information to third parties.

10. Transfer of data to outside of EU or EEA

We may transfer data within the limits allowed and and obligated by current law. Information may also be transferred to outside of EU or EEA within the limits allowed by the current legislature.

In practice, we may transfer information to Blue Meteorite’s Canadian subsidiary Valo Solutions Inc and to our partners operating outside of EU or EEA.

11. Principles for protecting your data

The register is protected using personal accounts and passwords. The register is accessible only to Blue Meteorite employees whose job description requires access to the register.

We store your data in accordance with currently valid legislature and only for the duration that is necessary to achieve the goals specified in this privacy policy.

Blue Meteorite uses cloud services to provide its services, which means data will be stored also in service provider’s (actor) systems.

12. The rights of you as an individual

As a registrant you have the right to verify the information stored about yourself in the register. You also have the right to require incorrect information to be corrected, and your information to be deleted. Any such requests such be made in writing to the contact person mentioned in Chapter 2.

As per the GDPR regulation, the registrant has the right to resist collection of data, request limitations to handling the data and to file a complaint to the data protection authorities.


Last edited: June 1st, 2018.

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