It’s time to meet Valo Extranet and Valo Ideas – Announcements from Valo Online Summit NA 2020

Valo Ideas and Extranet soon out

We’re not only cooking the same old stuff at Valo Kitchen but also building brand new recipes to enlighten the existing and new Valo Digital Workplace Solution users. Introducing Valo Extranet and Valo Ideas spiced up with release announcements from the Good Ol’ Valo Products! 

It’s the first-ever Valo Online Summit NA going on, and there’s a bunch of new announcements to share for not only to our Valo Partners but also for Valo users.

Valo Extranet – Govern your external users with a breeze

Let’s start with the juiciest ones  – next upcoming addition to Valo product family, Valo Extranet. Valo Extranet is everything that Valo Intranet is – social, visual, easy to use and so on. But what’s more, governing the external users outside your organization to join the Valo Extranet, will be a breeze with the new Valo Entrance.

The Early Adopter Program is already on and we’re looking for customers that would be interested to be among the first ones to take it in use and give valuable feedback so we can ensure the product will meet the needs. For further information, reach out to your local Valo Partner.

More Extranet-specific features will be available too, but more of those later.

Valo Extranet - brand new addition to Valo Family
With Valo Extranet governing your external users will be a breeze.

Valo Ideas – Log your ideas directly to Microsoft Teams before they slip your mind

You’ve been there too – great idea popping on your mind at some random situation. Now, as our Valo Idea Management is going through a huge facelift, should we even say a whole plastic surgery, you can log the ideas directly from your Microsoft Teams. This is the second integration to Microsoft Teams, as Valo Teamwork already works from Teams too.

Valo Ideas soon here
Just wait for it – Valo Ideas will be soon launched!

Upcoming Product Releases for Valo Intranet and Valo Teamwork

Valo Intranet release 1.6 – Goodbye speed issues

With the upcoming Valo Intranet release 1.6 on, your intranet will go through huge improvements in performance (speed, in other words) to adjust with the massive cloud growth. The performance improvement is enabled adding eg a native lazy loading of images​ which means the images are loaded only just before seeing them instead of all before opening the page which will decrease the loading time visibly.  

Valo Intranet with LUX UI
Performance issues are being tackled with several actions, and now you can enjoy a faster loading time in your cloud-based intranet.


To come: Valo Intranet release On-Prem – Brand your intranet with the Lightsaber

Talking about intranets, we launched Valo Intranet On-Prem on top of Office 365 only a month ago and now there’s more in it. We’ve added Lightsaber, the easy-to-use branding tool, and German to the language selection. Adding new sites with Valo Toolbox is also enabled. More about this on the next Release Highlights!

To come: Valo Teamwork 1.21

In the previous Valo Teamwork release, 1.21 we introduced the Microsoft Teams integration. Now, with the upcoming minor release, we focus on ​​​​​changes to accommodate topics around Microsoft Teams even better.

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