Valo Digital Workplace app release 1.3 brings you important messages and news filtering to your mobile device

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The new release for Valo Digital Workplace App 1.3 is here! Our native mobile app that focuses on the content from your Intranet, just got better!

For the previous update for the app, we added five new languages (now totalling 7), a hamburger menu for better user experience and a possibility to use emojis while commenting a news article in the app.

Now we enable personal news listing based on your preferred tags that are in use inside your company’s Valo Modern Intranet. If you are looking to go beyond the news article, you can browse the content of the intranet with in-app browser view.

Here’s a quick view of the latest additions:

  • User can filter news listing based on Valo Tags, and change the order of news listing based on publish date and number of comments
  • Opening news posts in the in-app browser view allows viewing any news content in the app
  • From the new Intranet link in the menu you can open your intranet’s front page within the app to browse all intranet contents
  • Now the important messages (also known as alert news) from your intranet with Valo Modern intranet are also in the app
  • Several error corrections and other improvements

We keep developing the Valo Digital Workplace app all the time, frequently bringing in new features – stay tuned for the next announcements!

Valo Digital Workplace is a native mobile app for Valo Modern Intranet users, available for iOS and Android devices free-of-charge. if you already use Valo Digital Workplace app, make sure to update it to have the latest and greatest additions.

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