Valo Digital Workplace App Release 1.5 brings the usability of your mobile intranet into a new level

With release 1.5, Valo Digital Workplace, the Mobile App for Android and iPhone, is extending from Intranet News and People Finder to all-inclusive intranet experience.

With the latest release, you can have the full intranet navigation and the possibility to add custom apps to the native mobile experience with our native Mobile App.

Valo Digital Workplace App is an intranet on-the-go. Whereas Microsoft’s SharePoint app gives you access to the whole SharePoint, Valo Digital Workplace App focuses on brining the intranet experience directly to employees’ pockets.

Access to full intranet navigation

Already with the previous releases, you have been able to read and comment on the latest intranet news articles, find your colleagues and get the important notifications on your screen – if you have chosen to do so.

Starting from 1.5 release, with the new bottom menu, the intranet news, People Finder and your profile are even easier to access. Your intranet’s full navigation structure is automatically accessible inside the mobile app, including your personal MyTools (supported from Valo Intranet release 1.5). This means you have the same navigation whether you using the intranet with a browser or through the Mobile App. Finding relevant intranet content and links on mobile is as easy as when using your laptop.

Access the same navigation from the Valo Digital Workplace App than from your Valo Intranet.

Valo Apps – Custom apps inside the app

From the release 1.5 on you can add applications to your Mobile App that are customized exclusively for mobile. Using Valo’s components and SharePoint Framework you can embed any SharePoint application you like directly in the mobile app. App inside an app! How cool is that? In Valo Digital Workplace App, we call these “Valo Apps”.

For example, if you like to create quick polls to mobile users, why not to bring the newly introduced Polls in there! Or create a Sick Leave Request form and publish it to users.

Bring custom apps to your intranet app and create eg. quick polls using Valo Apps

Support for Japanese

The language selection is also expanding as we introduce Japanese in this update on top of the existing other 13 languages.

Valo Digital Workplace 1.5 Japanese
Now you can use Japanise in your intranet app or you can choose from 13 already supported languages.

Dark Mode on

For those of you preferring the dark theme, we have great news! With this update on, the dark theme is automatically on also for the app, if you have chosen to use dark mode from your phone settings.

Valo Digital Workplace 1.5 Dark Mode
Switch to dark mode – now it’s possible with Valo Digital Workplace App.

And as usual, we have made some improvements to usability and authentication experience.

Not using Valo Digital Workplace App yet? If your company is using award-winning Valo Intranet on top of modern SharePoint, all you need to do is to find the Valo Digital Workplace App from either AppStore or Google Play, log in using your company credentials and you´re all set up!

Interested to bring your intranet easy-to-reach for all your employees? As a Valo Intranet user, your employees will automatically get access to the Valo Digital Workplace app. To see how it all works, book a demo with us.




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