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An intranet you’ll fall in love with

Valo Intranet is the center of all internal communication and teamwork on your organization. It offers all the features your team will need – along with a beautiful user experience.

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Valo Intranet Candela on iPad

Communicate with Teams, Facebook, Twitter

Engage employees
and exchange ideas

Communicate they way you’re used to. Comment, like and share status updates.

Built on Sharepoint Framework

Modern & Classic
SharePoint Compatible

Valo Intranet supports all Modern SharePoint features, as well as Classic SharePoint.

Multilingual Intranet

Available in 20+ languages

Valo Multilingual lets you manage content in multiple languages, allowing for a truly global, multilingual intranet.

Responsive and mobile

Completely responsive user experience in mobile browsers and our mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

  • SharePoint 2013-2019 & Online
  • Modern & Classic SharePoint
  • Customize to your brand
  • Global delivery network
  • Fast deployment
  • Pay-once lifetime license
Teamwork - Group Lifecycle


Valo Teamwork brings all your collaboration tools together

Managing between multiple workspaces and tools can be exhausting. Teamwork brings everything together in one view and let’s administrators have full control of the group lifecycle.

Valo Teamwork Watch video

Available as an Add-on or a Stand-alone Product

Group lifecycle

Teamwork makes the process of ordering, approving and managing groups easy.

Find documents
and discussions quickly

Find the latest documents and discussions in any group using filters and search.

One dashboard
for everything

Organize your groups in one view and access each team’s collaboration tools promptly.

Idea Management
Idea Management - stats


Drive innovation with Valo Ideas

Co-create and drive innovation while having fun. With Valo Ideas your workers can present new ideas, discuss and react on them from Microsoft Teams!

Valo Ideas Video

Available as an Add-on or a Stand-alone Product

Motivate to share ideas

Make development fun by ranking the idea cards and scoring the employee activity. Let your workers decide on the best ideas.

Reward creativity

Reward contributions and popular ideas. Recognition is a great way to boost employee activity.

Forge your team together

Capture insights effectively and create a strong, collaborative workplace by giving a voice to everyone in your organization.

build a better workplace with valo connect


Build a custom enterprise portal with Valo Connect

Unite your team and tools under one roof. With Valo Connect you can communicate, collaborate and co-innovate without leaving the comfort of Microsoft Teams.

Valo Connect

So much more than just your intranet inside Teams

Bring your employee communications, news and information inside Microsoft Teams and extend it even outside Microsoft.

Simplified collaboration

Find and edit files and content from across your Digital Workplace with powerful search capabilities.

Personalized experience

Offer targeted news and create apps for different audiences to provide personalized experience for everyone

Valo Entrance

Take it easy with external stakeholder access management

Valo Entrance makes it easy for you to share your resources by automating and streamlining many time-consuming tasks you would traditionally have when inviting and managing external user rights in your Microsoft 365 environment.

Valo Entrance

Valo Entrance

Secure access management tool for your resources in Microsoft 365

Invite visitors at ease

Add access to your external users using their individual emails, entire email domains or both.

Easy self-service registration

Take off the burden of inviting everyone separately by enabling users to register themselves through the self-service portal.

Valo Extranet


Offer your external network an easy-to-use extranet experience. Valo Extranet is quick to set up and have all the most important features for effective and engaging communication and resource sharing.

Valo Extranet

Centralized information sharing

Offer a centralized platform to share information and materials for your external stakeholders.

Quick to set up, easy to use

Providing the same most important features as Valo Intranet, Valo Extranet is quick to set up and easy to use.

Beautiful to look at

Take advantage of your company branding also in your external communications.

Delivery partners in 50+ countries

We offer a ready-to-go solution, fast deployment and expert support through our global partner network. You’ll be up and running in no time!

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Fast deployment

We can deliver as fast as in one week, with delivery partners in 50+ countries.

Get continuous updates

Get updates on platform changes and peace of mind with Valo Fresh subscription.

Pay once, use always

On top of only paying once for our solutions, our pricing is modular.

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Valo Intranet

Employees now have access anytime and on any device to all their work resources from intranet. It’s just easy and simple and that’s what resonates with our employees.

Chad Johnston
Sr. SharePoint Administrator, Dexcom, Valo Customer
Valo Intranet

We use many Office 365 tools which were not easily found together before. Along with Valo, our intranet became part of the O365 world and now users can perceive the entire infrastructure better.

Kimmo Miettinen
Communications Manager, Valmet, Valo Customer

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