Valo Extranet

Valo Extranet

Centralize partner comms with an intuitive extranet

Keep your external network engaged with an easy-to-use invite-only platform that keeps your business-critical information safe.

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your resources are safe in valo extranet

Ensure your resources are safe, yet accessible, with invitation-only platform

Built for Modern SharePoint



All your resources in one place

Take your collaboration with your external network to the next level. Valo Extranet enables you to distribute all your business-critical materials and resources from one location.

Keep your network up-to-date

Share news, event invitations, and document libraries in one place where all your vendors, partners, customers, and resellers have access whenever they need it.

Quick to set up. Easy to use

Set up a company-branded Valo Extranet quickly and easily for your external visitors. Enjoy the powerful Valo features adapted from the beloved Valo Intranet.

Offer Rich Content and Updates

Keep your external network in the loop with regular updates

Publish news and events in Valo Extanet
Content creation is easy with Valo Extranet
Navigation is Easy in Valo Extranet
Add your unique company branding to Valo Extranet
Give more with super Valo add-ons

Central news and events Information

Keep your external network up-to-date with the latest news and upcoming events shown in one central location. So your external users can pick which events to join right from your event calendar!

Intuitive content creation and templates

Creating content in Valo Extranet is so easy and intuitive that anyone in your company can use existing templates to easily create informative and visually branded content!

Easy navigation

Thanks to Valo Mega Menu, navigation bread crumb and Search Function, your materials and information can be easily found.

Add your unique company branding

Choose your favorite user interface and spice it up with your company’s unique colors, logo, look, and feel.

Give more with super Valo add-ons

Whether you want to share content in multiple languages or introduce key people to your external network, Valo Extranet’s add-ons enable a richer content experience.


Reduce your manual workload

Transparent user management in Valo
Agile adaptability to serve different requirements in Valo Extranet

No more individual emails

Invite anyone in your external network to access your comprehensive Valo Extranet and say goodbye to creating endless updates and mail-outs that get lost in the crowd – or in their spam box!

Agile adaptability to serve different requirements

The stakeholders in your external network might have many different requirements. You can facilitate them all by creating different groups in SharePoint based on their business type or even by location.

Complement with other Valo Products

Take advantage of other Valo Products

Valo Entrance
fall in love with digital collaboration with valo teamwork
build a better workplace with valo connect

Valo Entrance

Take the stress out of manual external user management. With Valo Entrance, you manage individual users or whole domains with just a few clicks. Self-service registration takes care of the rest.

Valo Teamwork

Do you mainly engage in projects with your external stakeholders? Use Valo Teamwork to provide an easy platform for project collaboration.

Valo Connect 

Add Microsoft Teams to your communications channels and provide important resources in there as well using Valo Connect.

  • Fully integrated to Microsoft 365 ecosystem
  • Available for SharePoint online
  • Fully compatible with PC and Mac
  • Keep your Extranet fresh with Valo Fresh Subscription
  • Extend over Microsoft and integrate with 3rd party platforms
  • Follows WCAG 2.1 criteria
  • Benefit from Microsoft 365 single sign-on capability
  • Available in 20+ languages
  • Delivery partners in 50+ countries

Trusted by customers and digital workplace experts worldwide

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Justin Short Synergi

Valo Extranet offers a rich extranet capability that has all the familiar Valo Intranet features. It enables us to build a good-looking, easy to use and navigate portal for external users quickly.

Justin Short
Chief Operating Officer, Synergi UK

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  • Fast installation to your existing environment
  • Get support in 50+ countries

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Valo Extranet   
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Valo Teamwork Available as add-on and stand-alone

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