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Valo Teamwork

Fall in love with collaboration

Organize your digital collaboration with easy access to digital teamwork tools through a single dashboard.

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Valo Teamwork is integrated to Micorosft Teams

A single-view for all your digital teams, projects, groups, and collaboration tools within Microsoft 365

Built for Modern SharePoint

Access and use through Microsoft Teams

Access the discussions on an organizational level

View and manage your Outlook Groups


Support your business objectives

Make sure your Microsoft investments support your business objectives effectively by offering a personalized, one-stop collaboration solution.

Extend and customize

Create own Microsoft Teams, Group, and Site templates with custom metadata to meet all your different business scenarios.

Ensure smooth collaboration

Your employees don’t need to be Microsoft Teams or SharePoint experts to tap into the tools that keep the co-operation up and running smoothly.


Offer a clear structure to make digital collaboration easy for everyone

Take better control of Microsoft Teams with Valo Teamwork
Define custom metadata in valo teamwork

Take better control of Microsoft Teams

Make sure your Teams will stay organized by providing custom Team templates for various types of teams.

Define custom metadata

Select appropriate collaboration tools and the metadata structure to provide pre-defined teams, projects, and groups for different co-operation requirements.

Powerful search

Search by using free words or filter groups and sites down based on categories, states, or any other type you have defined in your metadata structure.

Achieve Your goals

Make sure your teams can focus on collaboration

Valo Teamwork is One stop solution for all collaboration
Easy-access-to-all-collaboration-tools from valo teamwork
Collaborate with stakeholders in Valo Teamwork

One-stop solution

Teams, Planner, Yammer, OneDrive, OneNote, Stream… no matter which Microsoft or 3rd party tool you choose for collaboration, they are all accessed from one central hub.

Easy access

Everyone has a personal dashboard with direct access to their own Groups, Sites, and documents from Microsoft Teams or SharePoint. Liking and archiving groups will keep it tidy and clean.

Collaborate with stakeholders

Allow external users to access specific groups and make collaboration with your stakeholders easier and safer than ever.

Promote most important groups

Highlighted Groups allow easy promotion for certain groups on top of the dashboard with more visual appeal. Highlighted groups can also be added as a standalone web part to your Valo Intranet, or any other SharePoint site, to showcase the editor-selected groups.


With Valo Teamwork governing Microsoft tools is a breeze

Easy and safe project management in Valo Teamwork
Control the lifecycle management in Valo Teamwork
Add more detailed metadata to your Valo Teamwork Enterprise
Analytics in Valo Teamwork
Easy approval processes in Valo Teamwork

Easy and safe project management

Define the Group and Site properties structure and implement strict approval processes, and management and privacy permission requirements to enable self-service without compromising on safety or structure.

Control the lifecycle

As an administrator, you have full control of the lifecycle with the possibility to archive the groups and sites with no use.

Add more detailed metadata

Upgrade to Enterprise to add more custom metadata to show and handle project start / end dates, Project Manager, keywords, and more.


Analytics offers insightful information for Valo Teamwork Admins about the Groups and Sites and their lifecycle.

Easy approval processes

Offer pre-built, unified IT Templates Teams and SharePoint sites and enjoy easy approval and rejection process with the possibility to automate some processes too.

Valo Teamwork enhances Microsoft

The best of both to smooth digital collaboration with Microsoft tools

Valo Teamwork is easy to install
No additional platforms required
Single sign-on through Microsoft credentials to Valo

Easy installation

With just a couple of clicks and configurations, your collaboration management tool is up, running and governing for you.

No additional platforms required

Valo Teamwork sits fully on top of Microsoft Teams, as a separate SharePoint site, or both if you wish.

Single-sign on capability

Keep it simple, safe, and intuitive to use. With Valo, everything is linked to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem so there’s no need to adopt yet another platform.


Make your digital workplace complete with Valo’s Digital Workplace Solutions

valo staff intranet for internal communications
valo ideas fall in love with co-innovation

Valo Intranet

Take care of your internal communication with award-winning Valo Intranet, intranet-in-a-box solution. Integrate Valo Teamwork as part of your intranet to make communication and collaboration seamless.

Valo Ideas

Take full advantage of Microsoft Teams: build your dream workplace by empowering teams across your organization to ideate and co-innovate with Valo Ideas.

  • Cloud and on-premises
  • Access and use through Microsoft Teams
  • Fully compatible with PC and Mac
  • Follows WCAG 2.1 criteria
  • Single sign-on
  • Available in 20+ languages
  • Delivery partners in 50+ countries
  • Extend over Microsoft and integrate with 3rd party platforms

700+ happy customers and over 2 million daily users worldwide.

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Thomas Golles from Valo Partner Solvion

”Valo Teamwork allows our customers to roll out self-service provisioning on an enterprise level. The power behind structured metadata gives us the confidence to design processes and rules for project portfolio management and governance needs."

Thomas Gölles,
Team Lead - Modern Workplace Solutions, SOLVION

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