Webinar: The flow of work – the place where we go to work is now the Internet

The digital experience of working for a company is the employee experience. They are one and the same. This is what we have learned over the past 18-24 months. And a majority, if not all of us, have found ourselves in an all-remote or hybrid work environment. This seems unlikely to revert anytime soon, if ever.

So now what makes a great employee experience? A great digital experience: bringing the right information to the right people at the right time, directly in context and in the flow of work, is the difference between a good employee experience and a great employee experience.

Join this webinar to:

  • Understand the key principles of how to shift from a good employee experience and turn it around to making it a great one.
  • Learn practical ways to inspire innovation and improve the flow of work within your organization.
  • Master employee experience in order to enhance your company’s success and growth.
  • Gain Employee retention strategies for increasing job satisfaction and prevent turnovers.
  • Boost productivity and overall engagement within your hybrid and digital workplace.

Who should attend this webinar: Employee experience encompasses many roles across a company including Human Resources, C Level, IT, and anyone with the passion for enhancing the flow of their hybrid or digital workplace environment.

When: November 10th, 9 am CET / 4 pm EST / 7 pm AEDT

The recording will be sent after the event to all those who register.

Meet the Speaker

Daniel Anderson
Valo’s Product Manager, APAC Business Lead & Microsoft MVP @sharepointfocus

Daniel is Valo’s Product Manager, APAC Business Lead & Microsoft MVP. He’s been delivering strategic business outcomes for 15 years.

Daniel works with the Microsoft 365 collaboration tools specifically SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Yammer, and the Power Platform, while maintaining a clear focus on security, compliance, and information protection. Daniel is helping your business by empowering users to achieve more with Microsoft 365 and the right tools for digital work.

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